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Websites can promote your company, showcase and sell your products, announce events and share information. Thanks to our biotechnology & biomedical sciences focus and best-in class web technology, your tailor-made website will perfectly reflect your identity and evolve with your business.

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Powerful content

Thanks to our biotech industry focus we will help you craft the right content, adapted to your audience to capture their attention and communicate your message clearly according to your objectives.

Beautiful visuals

A successful website must capture the user’s attention. We will help you choose and create the right visuals to achieve your goals and delight your audience, such as interactive graphs, infographics, illustrations, animations and background videos.


As opposed to template-based solutions, all our websites are not only adjusted to your individual needs but custom-built specifically for you and your audience. So each website is unique and tailored to your exact needs and goals.


Optimized for your audience


Your website will be easy to discover and pushed towards the top of search engine results thanks to powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques.


You will be able to examine your website usage in detail: see the total number of unique visitors, their location, time spent on the site, most visited website pages, visitor journey, Google search keywords and more.

In-depth exploration

We will help you to further increase and improve your business opportunities by developing regional variants, landing pages specific for each marketing campaign and running A/B testing experiments.


Tools to boost your business

Data collection

Your website will be able to process and validate form submissions, such as newsletter subscription, contact requests or any other feedback from visitors.


You can sell your products directly on your website via a built-in e-commerce solution and integrate the process with your existing software systems (payment processing, inventory management, analytics, etc.).


Thanks to a powerful visual editor and content management system (CMS), you will be able to easily create new content and update any text or visual element autonomously, without the need for our intervention or assistance.


Technically sound


Your website will be fully responsive, which means it will look great no matter what platform it is viewed on: a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Your website will be statically generated, which makes it next to impossible to tamper with. You will also be able to protect the content on your website via a private address, a password or introduce member-only pages.


We take extreme care of hosting your website and make sure it always loads quickly and smoothly. We also offer fully professional ongoing support from our dedicated team.

Case study

Educational website for an emerging therapeutic product

We developed a web-based educational tool aimed at introducing a new therapeutic product to healthcare professionals and patients in support of clinical trial recruitment. The tool features multiple visualizations of research and clinical data to facilitate knowledge retention. The user experience and interface reinforce self-directed learning and make the content easily available for future reference.

Technology: Webflow, Lottie animations, Alpine.js, Google Analytics
Medicalwriters case study image.

The client

The client was a medical communications agency for major pharmaceutical companies striving to educate, inform and inspire healthcare professionals.

The challenge

The tool should explain the new product and become a future point of reference for both doctors and trial participants. Data-heavy preclinical results should become the foundation for an online experience where content is easy to understand and approachable.

The solution

Multiple visualizations featuring interactive components are at the core of the website. They introduce the key information in a concise but also enjoyable manner. Easy navigation makes the content accessible and a great source of information for future reference.

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Building a custom website with us takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the number of unique pages, complexity of design, personalized animations and integration code. Learn more about who we are, how we work and how we can help you and your business.

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