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Application examples

Outpatient Data Collection tool

Online forms and questionnaires to collect patient, clinical trial participant or volunteer data with a back-office allowing organizations to not only gather but also analyze and share data across units.

Online form application example.
Tracker application example.

Tracker App

Digital symptom or chronic disease tracker to self-report medical events, receive reminders and push notifications with alerts, send pictures and share their current location from the phone and desktop thanks to the powerful progressive web application (PWA) technology.

Search and Comparison Engine

A portal extracting data from different sources, such as research databases, geographical information, commercial service providers etc., contextualizing the data and presenting search results to the end-user.

Search and comparison engine application example.
Advance calculator application example.

Advanced Calculator App

A mobile web application to calculate probabilities, concentrations and unit conversions using specialized algorithms and meta-information available on the internet to aid health professionals and researchers in their daily work.

Customer Relationship Management system

A web-based tool to build lasting relationships with labs, hospitals and clinicians by gathering customer information, tracking interactions across different channels, analyzing data and generating reports. The software is also capable of sending branded sales proposals and product catalogs.

CRM application example.
Case study

Virtual conference platform for health professionals

We developed a platform for hosting webinars for health professionals in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The platform is capable of generating branded event sites, streaming video presentations, providing custom registration forms, generating attendance certificates, as well as handling comments and live polls during the event and analyzing participant data after the event.

Technology: Jamstack, Vue.js / Nuxt.js SPA, Vuetify.js material design components, Google Firebase Firestore and serverless functions, Netlify hosting, Sentry monitoring
Netvideo case study image.

The client

The client was a company specializing in organizing physical and virtual events for large biotech companies and other corporate clients. It has its own dedicated in-house filming and production crews to create the highest quality content.

The challenge

The platform should allow for quickly building custom event pages, managing live streams and past video recordings. Despite being virtual, the webinars should allow the speaker to interact with the audience, almost like during a physical event. Organizers should be able to analyze event data to measure their success rate and contact the participants regarding future events.

The solution

A custom-built back-office allows the user to generate custom conference pages within one day and perform other administrative tasks without the need for developer intervention or assistance. Apart from watching the live video stream, the audience is engaged by exchanging comments, answering live polls and obtaining a participation certificate after the event. Clients can export and analyze detailed event statistics, such as registration information, test scores, the number of people watching the event, etc.

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